Medicare Advantage plans are co-coordinated care plans, provided by private organisations which are certified by Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans have a network of providers, and you pay much less if you use the providers which are covered by your plan. These plans coordinate your Original Medicare, both Part A as well as Part B, along […]

Available Plans in Your Area

For more information about plans available in your area, visit the Medicare website or call their telephone number. Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage runs from January 1 through March 31. You are eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan if you currently have Medicare Part A or Part B. However, you should consult doctors and use […]

Duties of primary care physicians

 A primary care physician is responsible for all medical care, including referrals to a specialist and admission to a hospital. If you choose to use a Medicare benefit plan, you will negotiate your traditional Medicare benefits under these plans. Many Medicare benefit plans are offered at are available to eligible people at low or […]

Medical Insurance Policies

If you are self-employed or work for a company you will have to decide on some kind of medical insurance for now and the future. Sudden medical expenses can be catastrophic and deplete ones savings and may cause bankruptcy. When one is employed by a company, one of the benefits will probably be health insurance […]